Product Overview


DT EX1750 £495

£220f/£275r; weight 1,842g

DT christens its wheelsets according to weight, so we were surprised to find that the EX1750 were almost 100g heavier then claimed. Rim strips weighing 30g each are partly responsible for this discrepancy, and the remaining 32g are, at least, well within manufacturing tolerances.
DT ships the EX1750 with a 20mm front hub as standard and QR converter kits are available separately for £19.95. On the rear, DT’s Ratchet Wheelmounting System (RWS) replaces the conventional rear skewer with a 10mm bolt-through axle. This provides extra security, and while it looks bulky, it weighs only 66g. DT now offers a 12mm Maxle-compatible rear hub conversion in addition to the regular QR option.
For a heavy-duty rim, the EX1750 will actually dent surprisingly easily, but 240 hubs will see you through a lifetime of rim swaps.
The DT EX1750 is a quality package right down to the wheel bags, but who are these wheels for? They aren’t really light enough for out-and-out trail riding and the rims don’t hold up when used for downhill. Basically they are for the well-heeled big mountain rider that needs reliability and is happy to sacrifice some strength in favour of weight saving.