Product Overview


dt 240s hub £54.99

Weight: 165g (20mm)
9mm QR, RWS, 15mm and 20mm adapters £24.99 each

Future-proofing is always a good idea, and one area where it’s worth keeping your options open is in your hubs because they’re not easy (or cheap) to replace, often requiring a rebuild. This Oversized 240 front disc hub from DT Swiss has all the bases covered, because by simply screwing a set of adapters into the ends of the axle it can be converted from 20mm thru axle to 15mm, 9mm QR or one of DT’s custom 12mm RWS (rapid wind system) skewers. It’s quick and easy to do and can even be done by hand out on the trail in case of emergencies. Like all things Swiss, the adapters are not cheap but the result is like four hubs in one.

Like all DT hubs, the 240’s bearing quality is first class and the finish is immaculate — this is one hub that should run and run. It’s available in a 32-hole and six-bolt drilling, but you could convert to Centre Lock pretty easily, again with a DT Swiss adapter. The only real negative is that the QR hop-up isn’t as light as in the dedicated 9mm 240 DT Swiss hub. PB

Mbr rating: 9