Product Overview


Continental Edge Protection £29.95

Sizes: 1.9in / Compound: standard / Bead: folding / Tread: directional / Weight: 554g

Conti produces two versions of the Edge — the more expensive Protection tested here has reinforced sidewalls and a folding bead, making it lighter and tougher than the steel bead option.
Small arrows on the sidewall indicate rotation direction for use front or rear, but when the tyre gets dirty the arrows aren’t that easy to find.
The round profile of the Edge makes for a smooth transition from upright to leant over — and while the Conti doesn’t offer as much edge grip as a full-on spike mud tyre it is very predictable, and we found it pretty easy to two-wheel drift the bike while getting the power down. Additionally, it rolls fast and proved very predictable in a variety of conditions.
So, even though the Continental Edge may not be the ultimate mud tyre, it’s pretty hard to beat as an all-terrain winter tyre that you can leave on well into springtime.
If £60 per set seems a little steep, the wire-bead Edge, at £13.95 a pop, is a bargain.