Product Overview


Continental Edge Protection 1.9in £27.95 (folding), £13.95 (wire)

550g / DuraSkin, Gravity Air
Contact:, Cambrian Tyres 01970 626777

A new design from German firm Continental, the tread comes in three widths, of which the Edge is the narrowest at 1.9in. (the Slash at 2.3in and Digga at 2.5in make up the family). It differs from the rest of the pack in its noticeable lack of square knobs, preferring instead a widely-spaced ‘ladder’ pattern in the centre for good rolling, and high and aggressive blocks on the shoulders. This tyre slithered in the mire — especially on the rear — until we dropped the pressure to 30-35psi, when it came good and shed mud in spades. We could feel the rim on occasions we struck roots but the Duraskin sidewalls offer good pinch protection. Likely to become a popular mixed-condition tread where low rolling resistance and good clearance are desired.