Product Overview


Charge Stool Saddle £19.99

Weight 279g/synthetic PU cover/7mm chromoly rails/Available in brown, white, brown and black
Contact: Hotwheels 01202 732288

Although advertised loosely as a ‘dirt’ saddle rather than a specific jump saddle, Charge’s new Stool saddle is clearly aimed at the more abusive end of the market. Buyers looking for more brute than bolster will be pleased to note the chromoly rails, undercarriage-mounted plastic scuff guards and durable side panels, while any self-respecting fashionista won’t fail to swoon over the faux-leather cover. But while the chassis and upholstery is built to last, Charge has adopted current thinking in BMX saddle circles and reduced both size and weight of the Stool. Rails are 7mm chromoly numbers, specced instead of oversized 8mm, and physically it is much smaller than competition such as DMR’s Dirt Jump saddle or SDG’s Freestyle. The lack of girth makes some tricks a little harder, but the trade-off is that it’s much less of a lump.
Good value and robust, accessorise your steed with the Stool and it’s like an instant contemporary makeover.