The Charge griddle is light and thin, but does it offer enough cushioning for regular riding?

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Charge Griddle


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At only 28mm in diameter, the Charge Griddle is one of the thinnest grips that we’ve ever tested and also the lightest. It has a waffle-style pattern and the little hex shapes are actually cut all the way through to the core of the grip.

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The grip produces bags of traction from the sticky rubber, even in the wet, but being so thin means that there’s not much in the way of cushioning for your hands.

Charge overlaps the single clamp collar with rubber to stop it digging in, and finishes off the end of the grip with a push-in plug.

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We reckon a closed design would be more durable and more comfortable, but even so, the Charge Griddle is light, great value and ideal for those with smaller hands.

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Weight:71 grams
Length:135 mm