Product Overview


Casco Rebell 2009 helmet review

The retention device on the Rebell uses similar technology to that used in a BOA shoe. A dial on the rear helmet winds in the low friction cable that pulls the straps against your head. It’s easy to operate with one hand while riding and, some say, creates more even pressure, but we found it pulls the helmet off the top of your head as it’s tightened. This is because the device is too high and there’s no vertical adjustment to get it lower.

Venting-wise the Rebell is on a par with the Bell Slant, though it’s fitted with an ugly black visor that’s fixed in one position with a clumsy press-stud device. Thankfully, it’s not so low it impedes our view when head-down hammering. Casco follows most European manufacturers in using mesh panels in the front vents.

The internal padding feels cheap, however, the strap buckles never moved once in this test. Great features for the cash, but fit and styling is below the Bell and Met.

Mbr rating: 7