Product Overview


Bontrager Jones Mud-X £24.99

550g / Gum-Bi 60/50a dual compound / 120tpi casing / Tubeless ready / 1.8 size has A.R. Casing (Abrasion Resistant)
Contact: Trek UK 01908 282626

Most of the Jones family of tyres have square-block treads and the Mud-X is no different. In this case, though, the blocks are wider spaced to prevent packing, and slightly taller for grip. It looks on the narrow side for a 2incher , but this won’t be a problem for the ‘thin is better’ mud crowd who also get the choice of a 1.8 tread, which features a tougher casing for when the wheels slip on the edges of sharp rocks. Why can’t the 2in version have that too? In the rough the Mud-X gets the job done and is fairly fast rolling, stable and predictable. The lugs are not so tall as to prevent this tread from becoming an all-rounder that will cope well with most surfaces, making it good value if you are on a budget.