Product Overview


Avid Juicy 5 (185mm) £94.99

When Avid launched the first Juicy brake it pretty much took the market by storm. Five years on the Juicy line is well established, and while the Juicy 5 doesn’t sport the Pad Contact-Point adjuster found on the original Seven, it shares the same pedigree as its more expensive forefather.

But it’s not all roses for the Juicy 5, as the pads are tricky to replace and the lever reach adjuster is a bitch to reach. Then you have the Tri-Align washers that make it nigh on impossible to guarantee that the caliper is aligned properly. They look just like the ones that came on V- brake pads — crikey, could it be that Avid is using up old stock? Anyway they suck. Add all of that to the fact that you need a dedicated bleed kit, which costs £20 for two plastic syringes, and you’re probably wondering how this brake wins the test?

Well, along with tyres and suspension, brakes are one of the most important components on a mountain bike, and when you’re hammering down the trail all of the niggles highlighted above pale into insignificance. The bottom line is that the Avid Juicy 5 has the best balance of lever feel, modulation, power and value.

Mbr rating:9