Product Overview


Atomlab Aircorp pedals £79.99

Weight 500g/Allen bolt pins/DU bushings/6061 aluminum body/4140 cromoly spindle/contact: Mountain Road Imports 01933 672170

Measuring only 14mm across the waist, the new Atomlab Aircorps are the most waif-like flat pedal on the planet. As a result, we found they allow you to corner harder, get on the gas earlier and thread your way through stumps and rock gardens with less risk of getting spat off. Sixteen M4 Allen keys screw through the roomy 100mm x 105mm body from the underside and create a tough, grippy pedal that seizes your sole and doesn’t let go. With such a narrow body, Atomlab uses DU bushings to support the axle. Despite initial concerns about durability following two pairs of our early samples rattling loose, the third set we received – which feature a revised axle assembly – still remain play-free.

MBR rating: 8/10