The Wellgo W01 is certainly cheap, but is it equally cheerful?

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Wellgo W01


Wellgo W01 clipless pedal review


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The sharp-eyed among you will notice a similarity between the Wellgo and other clipless pedals. They all seem to have come off the same shelf in the Taiwanese factory, which is not uncommon at this end of the price spectrum.

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While we didn’t see this as a major problem, you will also notice that there’s a significant difference in price for what is effectively the same thing. This obviously plays in favour of the Wellgo because it offers you the same silky-smooth bearings, effective seals and low weight — but for less money.

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On the trail, testers were pleased with the consistency and force needed to clip in and out, once the tension was increased sufficiently. Though some riders reported an occasional poor release, when they were momentarily kept in the pedal beyond the release ‘click’, no one considered it a great problem.

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The W01 is supposed to be compatible with Shimano SH-M51 cleats (the standard SPD cleat) but we found this isn’t really the case.

The tension needed to be backed off for this cleat to enter the Wellgo mechanism cleanly, and even then, disengagement felt vague and uncertain. Our advice is to stick with the stock cleat.

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Weight (pair with cleats):352 grams