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HT X2 clipless pedals


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The HT X2 is another downhill pedal, and this one was developed with the help of multiple World Cup Overall champion, Aaron Gwin.

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The aluminium platform is 5mm longer than the Mallet DH, but it’s thinner at either end and has fewer pins. The X2 has the largest platform of any pedal in HT’s vast range and was developed with the help of Aaron Gwin.

It approaches retention a little differently to most other systems, using a mix of Crank Brothers style bar at the forward end and a more Shimano-like rear system. Both of which are independently sprung, meaning that upon engagement, each moves to allow for easier engagement. This is really noticeable as you can technically engage toe first or heel first relatively easily and engagement is very positive with a nice audible click.

The X2 also has the strongest spring retention of any pedal on test. Even adjusting the tension to a very low setting requires considerable twisting and force to disengage. This is a good thing if you move about a lot, no matter how loose you get on the bike there’s no chance of an accidental unclip. The obvious downside is the X2 doesn’t like to let go when you need to, something to consider if you are a lighter rider or prefer a lighter release tension.


Platform:104 x 85mm