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Funn Mamba


  • Massive platform provides great stability.
  • Holds up to abuse well.


  • Larger size can sometimes make locating the mechanism a fumble-fest.
  • Flat profile and pins can prevent unclipping with some shoes.


FUNN Mamba pedal review


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If the old adage ‘bigger is better’ is true then the Funn Mamba pedal should be snaking the competition and bringing home the gold.

Its enduro/DH specific, wide-bodied style is unmistakeable and unlike a lot of its competitors.

Mamba? More like Anaconda

Let’s take a look at that wide body first of all. Made from forged and CNC’d 6061 aluminium, it measures nearly 105mm in width and over 100mm in length.

If you compare this to its rivals; then it is over 10mm wider than both the benchmark Nukeproof Horizon CL and the HT X2 and a whopping 15mm wider than the DMR V-Twin.

Not to mention being longer than any other pedal as well. This gives the Mamba both the look and feel of a proper flat pedal. Providing both great lateral foot support when clipped in but also making them a huge target for those times when you might not want to be clipped in.

To further the flat pedal persona, the Mamba features four replaceable pins at each corner of the pedal.

funn mamba

Bigger than most flat pedals.

Funn Mamba

Each pedal benefits from a proper Cro-Mo steel axle spinning on sealed bearings and bushings. This has continued to provide the Mamba with reliable, play-free performance.

If you are so inclined to lavish your pedals with a little TLC every now and again, Funn has you covered with dual grease ports on each body.

funn mamba

GRS grease ports for easy maintenance.

The best MTB Clip-in pedals

Clip in or clip out

Moving on to the clip mechanism, Funn offer the Mamba in either a double sided clip design (such as I have been testing) or a single sided version (great for relatively inexperienced clip users or for those wanting a ‘proper’ flat side for more challenging trails).

The mechanism is a stylised Shimano SPD design and as such can be used with Funn’s own cleat or any other Shimano compatible cleat.

I found that depending on the shoe, the float (the free movement of the foot when clipped in) can vary. Each side gets independent adjustment of the spring tension and this ranges from very light to practically welded in place.

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funn mamba

Removing most of the pins on the left pedal allowed for more consistent unclipping.

Points to ponder

During the testing period I noticed a couple of distinctive character traits beginning to form with the Funn Mamba:

  1. The larger body not only aids foot comfort even with softer soled shoes but also enhances bike control. During tighter cornering or really tech trails where body position is crucial you can weight the outside of your foot without losing contact.
  2. The sheer size of the platform can make it tricky to find the mechanism. The upshot is that there is plenty of support to continue pedalling whilst trying to locate the cleat.
  3. Your choice of shoe can have a massive impact on the performance of the pedal. As the body is so much larger than other pedals more of it can come in contact with your shoe. The downside is this can impede either the functional float (effectively locking your foot in place) or in the extreme prevent unclipping. This happened to me a few times with various shoes and I’ve been using clip-in style pedals for 25 years! To rectify any issues I removed most of the pins on the left pedal. This meant that I retained a lot of the pedal contact but was able to unclip unimpeded. The other solution is to fit a cleat spacer to raise the cleat and shoe away from the pedal body.

4. Be prepared for them to make contact with the ground a little more than most clip-in pedals.

5. They make a perfect choice for riders with big feet!


If you are looking for an extremely stable clip-in platform for more technical riding and racing, then look no further than the Funn Mamba. The large size makes it extremely confidence inspiring in tricky terrain. Just be prepared to customise either them or your shoes to ensure a well performing match.


Colours:Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Black, Grey
Weight:496g (pair)