A bit pricey but a good choice if you want a small to medium sized platform

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DMR Midi Vault pedal


DMR Midi Vault flat pedal review


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DMR Midi Vault cut down version of award-winning DMR Vault, in that it has a 10% smaller platform.16g lighter and offers a bit more cornering clearance.

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The idea is it offers a better fit for riders with smaller feet or those that just want/need a smaller target.

Pin pattern, concave profile and the 17mm thickness are identical to the normal Vault. The axle and high-load DU bush/bearing assembly are also interchangeable between the two models and the Midi also comes with 11 replaceable FlipPins per side, which are the regular 12.5mm length. DMR offers a range of pin aftermarket upgrades for the Midi, including the 11mm Moto X pins (£12) and the new King Pins (£15), 14mm monsters favoured by World Cup racer Brendog. You can mix and match pin sizes across the peal platform, especially if your footwear is not up to scratch or you just want to be totally locked in. A word of warning though – those extra-long King Pins will take a bigger chunk out of your shin if you slip a pedal.

In terms of platform size, the Vault Midi is similar to our test winning Nukeproof Horizon but it doesn’t quite have the same grip levels. The concave profile allows to foot to remain centred over the axle and the platforms feels comfortable but there’s just a bit more movement when riding in technical terrain. There’s not a lot in it though and if you’re new to flat pedals you may not notice but where there is a big different is in the cost. You can buy the similarly specced Horizon pedal for as little as £70.

If you have a smaller footprint the Vault Midi is a great pedal – it’s excellent quality, hardwearing, easy to service and has a great profile. It’s a bit pricey compared to the Nukeproof Horizon but it’s the next best thing if you want a small to medium sized platform.