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Acros A-Flat MD


  • Durability.
  • Bearing quality.
  • Weight.


  • Narrow platform.


Acros A-Flat MD pedal review


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The Acros A-Flat MD is the entry point to the range; above it lies the XL with its larger platform and the SL featuring a titanium axle.

The best mountain bike flat pedals

Acros has a focus on producing high quality and highly engineered products, something that is pretty obvious with the A-Flat MD pedal. Known more for their headsets and hubs, Acros also produces a triumvirate of flat pedals under the A-Flat name.

Acros A-Flat MD pedal review

The platform eschews the more traditional shaping of a flat pedal, instead using an almost arrowhead design. Possibly chosen for weight saving, it does keep the ‘wing’ extensions closer together. Potentially increasing the strength of the entire body. The body is machined from a single billet of aluminium and unlike brands that create strength through minimal machining, Acros spare nothing. Leaving behind a pretty skeletal looking body. Not only does this make them at the lighter end of the alloy pedal spectrum, but it also means that they shed mud better than most. And after several weeks of smashing through rocks and the seemingly endless winter slop, they are bearing minimal scarring.

The A-Flat MD isn’t the slimmest pedal in the world at 17mm but there is a touch of concavity to help keep your feet in place. Grip is increased in no small part by height adjustable pins at the extremes of the platform. Two robust, back loaded pins at each leading and rear edge also increase concavity and grip.

Bearing the load

Furthering the quality feel of the A-Flat MD are Acros’ bearings. Consisting of a sealed bearing and extra long ‘slide bearing’ (think bushing), they have retained a smooth action throughout the test. The bearings do have a little bit of resistance, preventing unwanted pedal spinning and ensuring the pedals are exactly where you want them (something dirt jumpers will appreciate).

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The arrow head shape and narrower width gives the A-Flat MD great clearance on tight trails and for getting low around corners. But the shaping also creates the pedal’s main sticking point, especially for riders with larger feet. The angled outside edges provide less support for the foot where you need it most, forcing you to bring your feet close to the crank arm. The fact that the shape brings the platform very close to the crank arm already means that cracking ankles can’t be avoided. But if you have feet smaller than a size 9 (EU 43) then this is going to be less of an issue.


Light and super reliable, the Acros A-Flat MD is a set of flat pedals that will appeal to trail riders with smaller feet.


Platform size:99mm (length) x 94mm (width)
Pedal height:17mm
Colours:Black, Red, Blue