Squirt's excellent Chain Lube is wax on... no wax off.

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Squirt Chain Lube E-bike


  • Exceptional performance in wet and dry weather. Lasts ages.


  • Expensive. Can form into fatbergs on your cassette


Squirt Chain Lube E-bike review


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Wet lube works fine in the winter but come the summer it can get a coating of dust like sherbet on a Dib Dab. That’s no good at all for the best mountain bike drivetrains and groupsets. Traditionally, you switch to dry lube at this point, only to have a wet spell or a lingering old puddle render your chain dry as a bone.

Squirt Chain Lube hopes to eliminate that problem. It’s a wax rather than a drippy liquid and designed to work in all conditions.

To start with you need a perfectly clean chain, it’s vital to clean all the old crap off before you start with the Squirt Lube so the wax can adhere to the metal rather than the old oil and dirt. That done, you need to dry that chain completely, drip on the wax, and let it dry without wiping. The idea is it coats the moving parts with a thin layer that water can’t wash off.

I’ve been using the Squirt for nearly a year now, and it outperforms everything else I’ve tried. At the moment it’s pretty dry and dusty where I ride, but my chain doesn’t get coated in dust and I’d say there’s less build up of black gunk you usually get around the jockey wheels from a regular lube.

Conversely, when it was stinking wet last winter I found myself riding more between chain cleans simply because the drivetrain kept running so smoothly. I switched to regular wet lubes for a few rides as a comparison, and my drivetrain was noticeably graunchier.

This e-bike version of Squirt’s regular lube is billed as being better under higher pressures and the great torque generated. I can’t tell any difference between the two in performance, however the e-bike lube tends to form a thicker layer and a few times I’ve found big blobs of it stuck to a chainring.


Squirt Chain Lube E-bike is really expensive for a lubricant, but it’s very effective, you need to use less of it less often, and it’s great for a smooth ride.


Bottle: :120ml