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Xeccon Zeta 5000R


Xeccon Zeta 5000R light review


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On paper Xeccon’s new Zeta 5000R has a claimed 5,000 lumens, but we measured it well short at 1,656 lumens.

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There is, however, an ultra-high beam, but you can only access this by pressing the wireless remote in mode two.

It’s not particularly clear from the instructions how to access mode two, and even then the ultra-high beam isn’t constant, rather you just trigger it for a few seconds (no more than 30 seconds, as it can damage the light) for faster descents or technical sections.

This means you have to keep the button pressed constantly, and therefore unhook a thumb from the handlebar when riding.


The lamp itself is nicely machined and mounts to the bar using a rubber O-ring. Unfortunately, the shoe on the bottom of the lamp is quite small and not very stable, causing the light to vibrate when riding.

We’ve tried several O-rings and even looped them round twice, but the lamp still judders off-road and creates a really distracting strobe effect.

On the positive side, the battery comes in a protective pouch that wraps easily round a tube and, at £190, the Zeta 5000R is also cracking value, but the lamp unit needs a wider base or a proper adjustable clamp.

We also think accessing the ultra-high beam means riding the fastest and trickiest sections with a compromised grip.


Lumens:5,000, 2,000, 1,000
Run time:2.3, 4.5, 6hr