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Niterider Lumina 1100 Boost


Niterider Lumina 1100 Boost light review


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It is a bit of a surprise to find that a helmet mount isn’t actually included in the – already pretty salty – price of the Niterider Lumina 1100

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Instead you get a bar mount and have to stump up a further £22 for a helmet unit. This puts it in direct competition with the likes of the Exposure Joystick, and in that territory it is on shaky ground.

Add to that the fact that the helmet mount isn’t great and you have a bit of a problem. It comes with little more than a sticky pad (who wants to apply that permanently to their helmet?) and some holes for slim zip ties.

One trip to the DIY shop later and we finally get on track with something that looks like a spider’s web.

niterider lumina 1100

Of course, coming from Niterider, it has top quality construction and rock solid materials, and the power is more than adequate for helmet duty.

Just as well as one hour isn’t nearly enough to complete a night ride so we always find ourselves cycling down through the power levels.

At 900 lumens the battery will run for 1.5 hours – this is just adequate, but at this price should you be compromising on both mount and light levels? The beam also suffers from some harsh drop off lines around the edge which is distracting.

On the upside it is USB chargeable, has a positive and easily found button for cycling through the power options and feels like it will last and last.


Weight:166g w/ mounting hardware
Run time:Max 1 hrs