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Tested: Hope Vision 1 Adventure £99.99

Hope Vision 1 Adventure

For under £100, this superb and flexible light is just the job if you want your purchase for more than just mountain biking. The beam packs plenty of power with a smooth, if fairly tightly focused, beam. This meant it wasn’t great on the bars for off-roading, but was ideal for helmet mounting. The bar mount would be necessary if you wanted it to cross over to some commuting duties though, so was still nice to see in the kit. The headtorch harness is a real bonus for general outdoor pursuits, camping at events and bike tinkering.

On the helmet it feels a bit too heavy — it could do with an extension cable option to take the battery into a back pocket — and we aren’t convinced about Hope’s approach of starting the power-up cycle on the lowest setting, with three more presses up to high being a bit of a pain on most start-ups.

Finally, using AA batteries is a cheap source of power, and it opens up the possibility of carrying extras in your hydration pack to extend ride time.

Mbr rating: 6

Light: Hope Vision 1 Adventure
Price: £99.99
Weight: 302g (with AA batteries)
Burn time on max: 2 hours 42min w/Energizer 2500mah rechargeables
240 lumens
Battery type: 4 x AA in plastic case
Brightness settings:
4 + Flash
Comes with bar, helmet and headtorch mounts

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