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Light and Motion Imjin 800


Light and Motion Imjin 800 light review


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To boost output, Light and Motion’s new Imjin 800 uses a single Cree LED with a custom engineered reflector.

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It’s one of the few lights to get anywhere near the claimed output, recording 796 lumens when we measured it in the sphere.

The compact lamp unit comes fitted with a rubber band, so you can mount it directly to a bar, but you have to unbolt this fitment and install a GoPro interface for helmet use.


This is more versatile than a generic Velcro mount, but there’s nothing included in the box to actually mount the lamp on the helmet.

When we finally sourced a mount, we then ran into issues with the cable. Rather than extensions, Light & Motion uses one long length, and the excess cable has to be bunched up under the stretchy band used on the battery.

The cable plug also wouldn’t engage properly, due to some extra flashing around the edge of the battery socket, which we eventually had to cut away with a craft knife.

Good lumen count and beam pattern for a helmet light, but Light & Motion needs to improve the quality, shorten the cable and include a helmet mount as standard.


Lumens:800, 400, 200
Run time:2, 4, 8hr