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Light and Motion TAZ 2000 review


Light and Motion TAZ 2000
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Looking a little like a cheap and cheerful commuter light, the Light and Motion Taz 2000 is in fact a pretty deceptive little box of tricks.

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Packed into that small, unassuming head unit is not only a 2000 lumen light, but the battery to drive it and a USB port to charge it up. Very impressive. And very light too – it easily stows in our riding packs ‘just in case’ we are caught out after dark and can easily be forgotten with those compact dimensions.

Light and Motion TAZ 2000

As with all Light and Motion lights we have tried, the Taz really comes into its own when we hit the trail. They have always – quite rightly – placed great importance on beam pattern, and the result is a beautifully smooth transition between a diffused, close-in pool of light to punchy long range LEDs that extend up the trail. It gives a seamless, confidence inspiring coverage that definitely promotes faster riding.

The only downside to this small but powerful package is run time. With only 1:30 at our disposal we find the amber then red battery warnings are coming on virtually every ride, with more than a little power management needed to get through even short, sharp night blasts.

You just have to decide which level you want to buy in at – if those burn time and output numbers from the Taz suit, it really is an excellent little unit at a decent price.


Weight (with mounting hardware):226g
Run Time/Max:1:30 hrs