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Lezyne Macro Drive Duo 700 light


Lezyne Macro Drive Duo 700 light review


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The 700 lumen output with a soft centre weighted beam and is held in place by a very effective and convenient helmet mount.

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It even has a superb red light built into the tail cap that can not only be seen for miles, but can be independently adjusted for steady or flash operation, or even turned off for offroad riding. A great bonus that really boosts visibility on road sections.

Lezyne Macro Drive Duo 700

The excellent helmet mount easily straps though vents and cinched tight on every helmet model we have experimented with, while a ball and socket joint means the light can be pointed exactly where desired, quickly and easily. The light itself is held in with a simple semi-circular clip so it can be easily removed without affecting the mount itself. The convenience is extended into charging – screw the rear cap off and plug in a micro usb. Simple and effective.

Our only gripe is with the number of modes available. Does anyone really need 4 different flash modes? Probably not, but including them means – including the 5 power levels – there are literally 8 presses of the button to get back from medium power to high. At most there should be 3 power levels and one flash, as changing power levels like this keeps your hand off the bar for far too long. A shame as the frustration slightly mars what is otherwise a terrific, great value little light.


Weight (with mounting hardware):134 grams
Run time:1:45 hrs