Lacks a bit of punch for helmet mounting

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Knog Pwr Rider light


Knog Pwr Rider light review


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On the surface the Knog Pwr Rider is beautifully sleek – simply a satin black tube with a row of subtle red leds used to show battery status.

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There’s also small button underneath the lamp unit to control power. Pull the cap off the back to reveal the handy micro USB charge point and even a full size USB socket to draw power for phones or other peripherals (although you do need the light on to power this – not great).

Knog Pwr Rider

The power button may be small, but it is easily found with gloved hands, so power toggling is no problem on the move. It comes pre-programmed with 6 power modes so we have been quick to download the ‘Modemaker’ computer app to adjust the power levels available as this is far too much to rotate through on the trail. You can choose up to 8 if you feel the need but we have reduced ours to 2, high and medium, and are very happy with that. It is nice to have the flexibility, and took moments to execute and upload to the head unit via USB cable.

The helmet mount is excellent, very much along the lines of the Exposure model that uses plastic plates bolted together through the vents. Note that it is £13.99 extra on top of the basic Pwr Rider price, bringing the set up to £72 if you want to compare like for like with the others.


Weight (with mounting hardware):146g
Run Time/Max:2 hrs