Since the Knog PWR Mountain is a modular design, you can mount it in several different ways and also add other lamp units to the battery.

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Knog PWR Mountain Kit light


Knog PWR Mountain Kit light review


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For £179.99 you can buy the Knog PWR Mountain as standalone light with a basic bar clamp, but for £199.99 you can the PWR Mountain Kit, which includes the light and six different bar/tube/helmet mounts; with this much stuff in the box it seems like a no brainer.

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The base set-up is like the Exposure Maxx-D with the battery and lamp as a single unit, mounted to the handlebar. You can then split these two apart and run an extension cable with the battery on the down tube, which is how we mounted it. There’s also a helmet kit with an Exposure-style vent mount, so you can run it up top too.

The light modes are also modular, so by using the company’s ModeMaker app you can eliminate redundant modes (like flashing and strobe) or tweak the output to boost burn time. It’s an amazing versatile light, but it’s also pretty powerful with 2,000 lumens on high beam. You twist the lamp unit to turn it on/off and it’s surprisingly quick to cycle through the modes. The Li-ion battery features a fuel gauge and also twin USB ports, so it doubles as a fuel cell to charge an iPhone or other device.

The elliptical beam pattern is bright and there’s a wide spread of light, but we found it not quite as clear and as crisp as some here. The lockable bar clamp is still stiff and a little flimsy when we mounted the heavier all-in-one light, but it worked fine with just the lamp unit attached.

We found the burn time with the Knog PWR Mountain Kit is a bit less than claimed but it’s a smart light system that you can easily tailor to your needs and it’s good value too.


Lumen:2000, 500, 200
Run time:2, 9, 30hrs