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ITUO Wiz-XP3 light review


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With 2300 lumens the ITUO Wiz-XP3 pushes some serious candlepower down the trail and, despite the very reasonable price, it doesn’t skimp on build quality.

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The head unit is anodised aluminium – you can pretty much drive a bus over it – and the Panasonic batteries are encased in flourescent rubber then held in a soft neoprene case that readily grips any tube we attach it to.

Everything feels reassuringly solid – the bar mount overbuilt if anything – and it even conforms to the GoPro standard so you can use any of your existing fittings – or, of course, use the camera on the Ituo mount when not using the light.

ituo wiz-xp3

Out on the trail the beam pattern is far too centre weighted, and with that withering power any peripheral light is bleached out by the hotspot.

The consequent narrowing of the field of view kills awareness of the surroundings and consequently speed drops.

Fortunately they are now being sold with diffuser lenses as part of the package, something we haven’t received on time for the test, but as they can be applied one lens at a time (there is a separate lens for each of the three LEDs), this opens up some necessary beam customisation options.

Button work isn’t exactly intuitive either, with even seasoned testers scratching their heads over turning the unit off. Holding a button for 4 seconds may not sound like a long time, but it feels unnaturally drawn out and counter-intuitive.


Weight:478g w/ mounting hardware
Run time:Max 2 hrs