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Cateye Volt 6000 RC


Cateye Volt 6000 RC light review


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The Cateye Volt 6000 RC is a truly insane light. It puts out an absolutely incredible 6,624 lumens on full beam, which is 10 per cent more than claimed!

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The beam pattern is also really even, so all you need to do is align the lower edge with your front wheel and bask in the artificial sunshine.

There’s no need for a helmet light, and you don’t have to bother tilting it up on faster tracks — it really does light up the night sky.

There is a major compromise though — run time is little over an hour on full power. We also had several issues with the fittings and fixtures.


To help cooling, the light has a built-in fan and, while it’s a bit noisy, our main concern is it being open to the elements, especially mud and grit thrown up from the front wheel.

The cable on our sample started to come away, exposing the bare wires underneath the lamp, and the bayonet fitting on the other end also broke after four rides.

With a flimsy plastic cover, the remote isn’t well sealed and it stopped working after just two rides. Cateye’s plastic mount fits bars up to 35mm diameter, but feels fragile.

The battery is heavy and the rubber cover on the top kept popping off, making it difficult to align the cable. Finally there’s no fuel gauge on either the lamp or battery.

It gives the ultimate in brightness, but for £700 Cateye needs to sort out the quality of everything else before we can rate it any higher.


Lumens:6,000, 4,000, 2,000, 1,000, 500, flash
Run time:1, 2, 4, 8, 11, 12hr