A new take on an old idea. Is it useful and are there better alternatives?

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All Mountain Style Kickstand


  • Lightweight and easy to fit. Modular and collapsible design 


  • Expensive. Not compatible with all crank arm profiles. Doesn’t allow bike repairs


All Mountain Style Kickstand review


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There’s nothing worse than leaning your bike against a wall only to have it fall over, which can easily put a nick in a fork stanchion or a chip in an expensive carbon frame. To stop the slide, All Mountain Style’s solution is this simple Kickstand. 

The Kickstand is made from tough plastic and has several interconnecting sections that allow you to adjust the length to prop up bikes with different BB heights or wheel sizes. It’s easy to fit, it just slides over the crank arm and there’s a little cut-out to secure the pedal axle. It’s compact and lightweight, so in theory you could easily carry it with you and whip it out at the tea stop or if you want to snap an impromptu selfie mid-ride. In reality, most riders will probably only use it in the car park, or back garden when cleaning their bikes.  

I like a new take on an old idea, but my big issue with the Kickstand is compatibility – it just doesn’t work with all cranks. The opening that the crank slots into is quite wide, and while it works okay with carbon arms, some aluminium cranks – like the Race Face Turbine – have a slight taper, and the Kickstand won’t slide fully onto those.

It’s not sturdy, so you can’t really do any fettling to your bike, and it doesn’t lift the rear wheel clear of the ground. It’s also expensive for what it is, and as a result I’ve found it hard to justify the price because you can buy a Pro workstand for £25, and a Unior display stand for £30. Both will let you park your bike, but also work on it too.


The All Mountain Style Kickstand is compact, lightweight and portable but it isn't compatible with all crank arms. It's also expensive and even for home use there are cheaper and better options.