Sweet Protection's Hunter jersey might not be the cheapest top around, but it'll repay the investment with years of service.

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Sweet Protection Hunter Merino jersey


  • Comfortable, great on-bike fit, warm in winter but never too hot in summer


  • Not an inexpensive purchase


Sweet Protection Hunter Merino jersey review


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Sweet Protection’s Hunter Merino jersey is a thin long-sleeve wool top with a bike-specific fit. This means the waist and torso are slightly tapered in, while the arms and shoulders have plenty of room for freedom of movement.

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The fabric is super-soft next to skin with an 87 per cent Merino and 13 per cent polyamide blend that retains Merino’s insulating and wicking properties and also keeps its shape over repeated wash cycles – some other Merino tops can ‘ball-up’ and shrink over time in my experience.

I love how Merino wool’s fine fibres balance body temperature well, dry quickly and don’t stink when sweat soaked. Sweet Protection’s Hunter perfectly manages to keep a bit of wind chill off, while still feeling airy and wicking plenty of moisture, making it exceptionally comfortable. I’d argue the thin, densely-woven, material is superior to many rivals at never being too hot in summer either.

After crashing and ripping this top on the shoulder, it speaks volumes that I dug out a needle and thread to repair it, rather than grabbing one of many other options kicking about. Since my dodgy needlework, I’ve worn it riding loads over a couple of years (only the colours have changed) and even off the bike at yoga classes and the gym, where the subtle looks also work.


The Hunter jersey isn’t cheap, but is well-designed and cut and, crucially, keeps its shape and looks for ages, so I’d argue it’s worth the expense. 


Colours:Black, Blue, Grey, Green