Casual hoodie styling with on bike performance

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Specialized Therminal Mountain Jersey


  • Multifunctionality
  • Warm and protective fabric
  • Slim cut for riding


  • Might be a tad too warm for hard riding for some people
  • Hood elastic is impossible to fully release


Specialized Therminal Mountain Jersey review


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There are some items of ride clothing that feel ‘right’, and this is true of the Specialized Therminal Mountain jersey. In fact, the first time I wore it it almost felt a shame to get it dirty, just like the first time you scratch a new bike. This feeling didn’t last long though as the Therminal is a joy to ride in, just as long as the mercury doesn’t rise too far.

Specialized Therminal Mountain jersey

There’s ample room for layers without adding bulk

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Bridging the gap

Made from Specialized’s own mid-weight thermal fabric, the Therminal Mountain is primarily aimed as a bridging garment between heavy winter jackets and light summer jerseys. The thermal fabric is effectively a stretchy light brushed fleece with a tighter knit outer face. This helps it retain a more casual look and whilst it isn’t windproof, the knit is tight enough to stave off the effects of cooler weather. I found I could ride happily with just a baselayer on underneath without being too cold, worrying about the build up of sweat, or overheating. Features you might normally associated with either more or less protective garments.

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To hood or not to hood

Riders will like the cut of the Therminal Mountain, it’s similar to your favourite casual hoodie. Neither too baggy nor too tight. It has enough room to effectively layer underneath to up the protection or fit under a waterproof. Personally I tend not to use a hood when riding, but the three panel shaping and elasticated drawstring allow it to fit either under or over a helmet if you so wish. When not worn, like the best hoods it sits quietly out of the way and doesn’t interfere. One thing I did do was make the mistake of trying to cinch the hood up really tight. Since then I have been unable to fully release the elastic, so the hood permanently sits a little bunched up now.

Specialized Therminal Mountain jersey

Still struggling to balance the cords

The arms utilise an active cut with a length that should suit even the most gibbon armed amongst us (myself included). They also incorporate neat hidden thumb loops in the cuffs if you want to seal the warmth in even more.


Specialized has fitted the Therminal Mountain with a chest pocket and single side pocket. Both feature zip closures to keep valuables secure. As with most chest pockets, if you wear headphones when riding you might need to cut a little hole in the lining to pass the cord through. But that’s just a tiny gripe.

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Colours:Navy blue, Carbon, Red