Lovely warm waterproof and a great price too

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Madison Roam jacket


Madison Roam jacket review


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The Madison Roam is on the heavy side of things and as such the best for colder weather where the mesh-lined 2-layer fabric really comes into its own.

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At milder times of the year it will be too hot for all but those that really feel the cold. It’s a lovely bit of kit though, well-featured and reliable when called upon.

The fixed hood adds to its excellent cold-weather performance and covers a helmet well, and the collar is high and easy to hunker down behind.

madison roam

The cuffs are adjusted by Velcro tabs, which can be opened to spill a little heat if does get too hot, but they are quite tight and there’s no stretch in anything, so they won’t pull up above the elbow. They are also a bit tight for a pad.

The fabric proved wonderfully waterproof, and the mesh liner ensures you don’t feel wet and clammy from the inside out, but we found it quite sweaty – probably more to do with how warm it is than breathability.

It has two large side pockets, which are mesh-lined and therefore add a little ventilation around the middle. This doesn’t really achieve much when restricted by pack straps though. It also has a large top pocket and a small one on the sleeve.

Overall, the roam is a versatile bit of kit that would be good in the depths of winter and would double up for general wear or perhaps even winter sports. We found it a bit hot and heavy though.


The Madison Roam is a lovely warm waterproof, and comes a great price too, but it’s probably a bit too heavy for most mtbers most of the time, and perhaps better for general wear and commuting.