Offering full-on protection at a low price, this is a great winter waterproof mountain bike jacket for cold conditions and bad weather.

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Endura Singletrack II jacket


  • PFC-free DWR coating, plenty of features


  • Bulky, runs hot


Endura Singletrack II waterproof jacket review

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Scottish brand Endura has a global reputation for producing some of the best mountain bike jackets and kit available today, and the Singletrack jacket is a classic item that’s been updated with new technology over the years.

Compared to its MT500 stablemate, Endura’s Singletrack II uses a recycled Exoshell 20 Eco three-layer fabric. This bonds a Nylon face fabric and a superfine denier tricot wicking inner layer to a thin PU membrane.

This jacket is heavier than the MT500, but it feels softer against skin and doesn’t feel as bulky. The PFC-free DWR coating also seemed to work better – even after a couple rides and a spin cycle, water was still pooling really well on the fabric surface. 

The Singletrack II isn’t as cut back as the Rapha Trail, but Endura has tried to keep things simple. The over helmet hood extends quite far down, and we could get it tight using the two integrated side toggles. The front comes up over the chin; the neck is not restrictive, and the waterproof zip features a wide internal storm flap and tidy zip gutter.

You do feel fully protected riding in this jacket but, like the MT500, it’s not the coolest running. Two lengthy pit zips allow you to manage temperature, but if we vented mid-ride there was often some condensation build up on the inside.

It doesn’t help that, like the Endura MT500, the Singletrack II has side pockets and a chest pocket, both of which add layers to the front of the jacket. 


The Endura Singletrack II is a heavy hitter and the sort of jacket you’d wear on a really cold day riding on the moors. It’s less effective as something that you carry with you and put on during a downpour because it takes up a lot of space and you may have to remove layers first. Getting the riding temperature right is tricky with the heavier duty jackets, but if you want full-on protection at a low price, this is a great option.