The Bam 73 Zero Running jacket has a light footprint on the environment as well as minimal weight on your body.

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Score 7

Bam 73 Zero Running Jacket


  • Great performance in the right conditions. Super comfy. Packable. Lightweight


  • Niche application reduces its usefulness. Short arms.


Bam 73 Zero Running Jacket review


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The Bam 73 Zero is designed for runners not riders, but don’t let that put you off – it has some good features that make it worth consideration alongside the best waterproof jackets. For example, the fact it’s made from 100% recycled polyester and is designed to be recyclable too. This is one jacket that’ll never end up in landfill.

Bam 73 Zero Running Jacket

Bam 73 Zero Running Jacket

Green credentials aside, the 73 Zero is packable and stuffs into its own back pocket meaning you could easily stash it in a pack or, at a push, in your SWAT-style downtube storage. At 17x14cm it’ll be a tight squeeze though.

This is a pretty feature-light jacket, it’s windproof rather than waterproof but that’s the point, letting the weight come in at a scant 232g and it feels floaty when on.

In fact, comfort is easily the 73 Zero’s best quality, everything from the soft external feel to the crimped cuffs and tubey neckline and zipper are sumptuous and like you’re riding in a silk scarf.

Bam 73 Zero Running Jacket

Kangaroo pocket means anything heavy gets thrown around annoyingly.

With one exception, the cut is great for mountain biking too, with a relaxed but not baggy fit and dropped hem for extra coverage. The half length zip means you’re going to have to pull it on and off over a helmet, but the opening is large enough and I like the added wind protection the design brings. The exception then – the sleeves are an inch too short for my arms, probably because it’s designed for running not the stretched out riding position.

Bam 73 Zero Running Jacket

Smock-style means you have to pull it over your helmet, but there’s enough room at the zip.

There’s one more feature I need to mention, and that’s the quirky single pocket on the front, accessed from either side by two zippered hand pockets. It’s probably only there because the lack of full length zip allows for it, but it means your phone gets thrown around like crazy inside.

Bam 73 Zero Running Jacket

Ventilation gills on the back

I rode the 73 Zero is both warm and cold conditions, and its breathability is first rate. It does a decent job of keeping the wind out too, so it’s a great option to chuck on over a jersey on a chilly day. What it’s not good at is keeping out the wet. And I mean, at all. Water passes through like rain through a grate.


It’s not billed as a waterproof jacket, but it does cut down on its usefulness – and our rating – because few riders will want to spend nearly £100 on so niche a jacket.


Colours:Orange, green, blue
Packed size:17x14cm