Mid-sized pack aimed at faster and shorter rides.

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Evoc CC 10L


  • Sensible, well organised storage.
  • Subtle colour schemes.


  • Narrow diameter hose.
  • Waist strap creeps open.


EVOC CC 10L hydration pack review


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Evoc CC 10L

The Evoc CC 10L fits into the company’s extensive range as a mid-sized hydration pack aimed at shorter duration rides and races.

That’s not to say it isn’t a good choice for all day epics in the wilds, just that its forte lays in shorter blasts, when you don’t need to overload yourself with kit.

The CC 10L follows the CrossCountry family’s characteristic narrow profile, aimed at keeping the pack out of the way and minimising any restrictions to movement.

Eliminating sweaty backs

To aid and increase airflow for the back, often an area of issue for hydration packs suited to fast riding, the CC 10L makes full use of Evoc’s segmented Air Pad system. This is a series of six large, separate raised pads leaving clear channels for air circulation.

What’s interesting with this arrangement is that your choice of clothing really makes a difference in how effectively it works. Bulky and/or loose jackets or jerseys tend to block the channels and increase the build up of sweat, whereas tighter-fitting jerseys improved the airflow. How tightly you adjust the straps for stabilisation (or how loaded the pack is) also tends to reduce the effectiveness.


The six sections of the Air Pad back system. Note the vented shoulder straps and waist belt.

On the wonk

Riding in the CC 10L I found it difficult to keep the pack centralised on my back. It didn’t matter how much I adjusted the straps, it kept drifting slightly. It’s not that it moves around during use – it’s incredibly stable on rough tracks – just that it felt off-line. I put it down to a combination of the shoulder straps being stitched perpendicular to the pack, i.e. not angled to follow the neck/shoulders and my particular body shape (I have a dropped right shoulder after a crash a few years ago). Most riders should be fine!

Wonky shoulders and straight straps = slightly off centre positioning.

Hydration hangups

The Evoc CC 10L is available with or without the Hydrapak two litre bladder (it is twenty pounds cheaper without). It’s the type with a fold down opening, making it really easy to fill, close and clean. The hose is a narrower diameter than a Camelbak version, which means it takes a little more effort to get a mouthful. For a pack that is suitable for faster riding/racing this can impact on hydration, as when it takes more effort to drink you find you actually drink less. Fortunately the pack can take any bladder, so it might just be worth saving the money and purchasing a different hydration system.

The Hydrapak bladder has a narrow diameter hose.

Pocket placement

The ten litres of storage (hence the ’10L’) is divided into three pockets. The largest of these also houses the bladder in a separate sleeve.

Evoc has equipped all the pockets with extensive zip openings, enabling you to access kit easily without needing to rummage around for the essential little bits that always fall to the bottom. Double zipper pulls avoid needing to open pockets fully and limit the risk of exposing contents to rain and dirt. In practice, the arrangement of pockets works really well.

Well organised tool pocket. Deep enough for 30cm+ pumps.

Practical fold out helmet sling.

The front tool pocket has sensibly sized and shaped compartments. However, the mesh pocket on the outer facing part really needs a zip or Velcro’d closure to prevent the contents falling out when the pocket is opened fully. Consequently I ended up not really using it due to this problem.

The large main compartment easily swallows a light jacket and a respectable packed lunch. But apart from the small mesh valuable pouch, everything is lumped together so a little bit of thought needs to be used if packing several items. Furthermore the fold out helmet sling works really well for an XC or smaller trail helmet.


Colours:Black, Slate/olive, White/sulphur
Weight:695g (without bladder), 838g with 2 litre Hydrapak bladder