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Endura Singletrack Backpack


  • Light overall weight.
  • Enough storage for a full day in the mountains.
  • Stable whilst riding.


  • Back system channels could be deeper for better air flow.
  • No clip for hydration hose.


Endura Singletrack Backpack hydration pack review


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The Endura Singletrack Backpack fulfils the storage needs for riders wanting a pack big enough to cram a full day’s worth of kit and spares.

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The Singletrack splits the storage capacity over three main compartments; a rear hydration bladder compatible pocket, large central area and a waterproof front pocket. At approximately ten litres of capacity, there is plenty of space for a jacket plus all the food and spares you want to carry. Endura do two options, either without a hydration bladder at £69.99 or with a HydraPak bladder for an extra twenty quid.

endura singletrack backpack

Narrow profile and solid hold marks out the Singletrack as a great trail pack.

In keeping with the rest of Endura’s Singletrack range, the pack is designed around the rigours of general trail riding. For Endura this means the emphasis is on being light enough to comfortably carry all day. To this end Endura employ a lightweight nylon/polyester material for the main compartments. This does mean you have to be a touch more careful with the Singletrack than some other packs, it doesn’t respond well to throwing at around. This is especially the case on rocky surfaces where tears can occur pretty quickly if you’re not careful. To help in this matter, Endura has incorporated a ripstop finish to this fabric to prevent small tears from ruining the pack.

endura singletrack backpack

Plenty of pockets for separation of kit. The fabric is very thin but benefits from a ripstop construction.

One area Endura has got almost perfect is how the pack performs on the trail. It’s been designed to sit pretty low on the back to keep the weight in a better position. Coupled with a wide waist belt and well shaped shoulder straps and it resists bouncing better than many of its rivals. Even when carrying the bare minimum, the lack of mass of the pack and narrow width keep it from interfering with the ride experience. The back section features some widely spaced padding under a mesh panel designed to keep air moving. However its low profile design limits its effectiveness at keeping the air flow open, resulting in a sweatier back.

Low profile back pads restrict air flow.

There are a few extra features that help increase the Singletrack’s practicality. Each side of the waist strap features a relatively large, zipped mesh pocket; handy for gels or other food. Endura include a removable tool roll, handy for keeping everything together and minimising rummaging time. Not shown on the pics but it also comes with a handy removable helmet carry that works for both trail and full face helmets. There’s also a waterproof front pocket for your valuables.

Big pockets keep your bits close to hand.

As excellent a pack as the Singletrack is, it’s still not perfect. The lighter weight construction means you have to be careful where you store tools or other sharp objects (yes, there is a tool roll but not everything fits). The quick clip for the chest strap can also be a bit fiddly and there’s no extra clip to keep a hydration hose from dangling into your lap. Fortunately these are all pretty minor gripes, and they certainly don’t detract from the overall performance of the pack.


Colours:Kelly green, Blue, Black