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Scott Vivo Plus helmet


Scott Vivo Plus helmet review


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Scott Vivo Plus is an affordable lightweight trail lid. Scott’s top-tier MRAS2 fit system with its comfy rear cradle tightened by a micro-adjust dial.

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To switch between three height positions, you need to remove the helmet and fix the tilt using plastic studs that sit behind each ear. This takes a few seconds longer to adjust than normal, but isn’t a big deal, as you’ll only do it once.

scott vivo plus

The Vivo offers extended protection above the ears and at the back, but doesn’t envelop the head as fully as some, leaning more towards trail/XC rider than full-on enduro warrior in terms of looks. The outer shell is well finished, with clean edges, solid strap fixings and a full wrap around the lower section to protect the polystyrene from damage. The all over vents are pretty spacious, but there are fewer ports, especially on the forehead zone, than some helmets here and the Vivo Plus runs a tad warmer because of this.

£90 is good value considering there’s a low friction MIPS layer – something that allows Scott’s helmet to rotate relative to the head in a violent impact. This protection takes the form of a thin liner covering most of the interior (like most first-generation MIPS lids) and it gets a bit sweaty and clammy close to your scalp. There’s only thin internal padding at the front too, which wriggles a bit next to the slippy plastic and can’t quite absorb enough sweat.

The Vivo Plus fits well and feels really light on your head, but it’s not as comfortable and cool as the brand’s £40 more expensive Stego model, which is a helmet we’d really recommend if your budget can stretch to it.


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