A premium shell with lacklustre finish at a bargain price

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Score 6

Raleigh Magni


  • Bargain basement price reflects great value for money
  • Competitive weight


  • Velcro is itchy
  • Peak is not fitted securely


Raleigh Magni helmet review

Price as reviewed:


It’s quite common for manufacturers to share factories and this Magni is essentially the same off-the-shelf helmet as the O’Neal Orbiter II, but with a lower spec and cheaper price. Still, it’s a proper, full coverage all-mountain style lid at a real bargain basement price.

At 320g, the weight is competitive and the three colour options all use an understated matt finish. For protection, a cleverly engineered EPS liner better directs and manages impact energy in the event of a crash. The internal headband can’t be adjusted for height but the turn-dial retention device has a decent action widthways.

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Ventilation is good, but the overall finish reflects the price — the flimsy pads inside aren’t that comfy or absorbent, there are some loose, itchy pieces of Velcro and the joins between the polystyrene and the plastic shell are quite rough. The real deal-breaker, however, is that the peak won’t stay put and interferes with your line of sight when riding — wind can actually blow it further down over your eyes too.



Sizes:S, M, L