The CrossMax Pro ticks all the boxes as an enduro lid, with extended rear coverage, an adjustable peak — that flips up to stash goggles underneath — and a deep groove in the back for the goggle strap.

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Mavic Crossmax Pro helmet



Mavic Crossmax Pro helmet review


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The Crossmax Pro is the new top-end helmet from Mavic, sitting above the well-regarded Notch (now renamed the Crossride) in its trail/enduro segment. There’s also a more traditional XC-style option — the Crossride SL Elite — if you’re prioritising low weight and ventilation.

The Crossmax Pro has an extended rear for greater protection. The large peak has a wide range of adjustment, but to stop it flopping around and rattling, you have keep the bolts tightened.

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Live fit memory foam adds extra comfort to the Mavic Crossmax Pro

What’s unique about the Crossmax Pro is a thick band of memory foam, set into the shell around the brow area. Dubbed ‘Live Fit’, it supposedly moulds to the exact shape of your head, for a better fit and to reduce trail vibrations.

With the retention system adjusted — easily done with one hand thanks to a knurled dial — the fit was good. But I found that it needed to be clamped up reasonably tight to get the helmet completely stable on my head. Thankfully, the padding and memory foam band allowed me a secure fit without any uncomfortable pressure points or hot spots.

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Ventilation is average and the styling is sharp and modern, albeit with a slightly Euro twist. The Crossmax features a full wraparound shell to keep knocks at bay and, so far, our test helmet has proved durable, both inside and out.

We rated the previous Mavic Notch highly, and the new Crossmax Pro takes the old helmet’s comfortable fit and good durability and adds a couple of worthwhile features and updated styling to really move it on a (ahem) notch.


Sizes:S, M, L, XL
Colours:Black, yellow/black, white/blue, red/blue