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Lazer Roller MIPS helmet


Lazer Roller MIPS helmet review


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The Lazer Roller MIPS helmet is Lazer’s entry-level all mountain helmet and kind of a cheaper version of its Revolution lid.

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The lower price doesn’t mean any lack of quality or protection though, as it’s solid and well finished and includes a MIPS impact-reduction liner system. This extra MIPS layer is a low friction plastic webbing that allows the outer hardshell to twist relative to the liner before it starts to rotate the scalp (and your brain), adding further protection in a crash or glancing strike.

lazer roller mips

Like its pricier sibling, the fit is excellent with a really deep-dished, wraparound feel that I reckon feels similar to the popular, original Troy Lee A1 in terms of comfort and stability. With 28 holes in the moulded outer shell, the Roller is pretty well ventilated and is decently lightweight (and less than advertised) at just over 200g for a size Medium.

Lazer’s retention system design uses a large dial at the back of the head to tune fit and tensioning on a wrap-round cradle. The comfort and security of the bigger-than-normal wheel is excellent with there’s a really snug, locked-on feel to Lazer’s plastic cradle and sweat pads, even without cranking the lid or chin strap up really tight.

One niggle is the visor is fixed and sits quite low so creeps into line of sight really looking forward, and means goggle wearing enduro riders will struggle to stash them conveniently for climbs. Some parts of the lower edges are also exposed EPS foam, which is easier to dent or damage over time. The Roller’s standout feature is the superb fit and quality straps and construction for the price. It’s not the coolest helmet out there in terms of dumping heat when you’re working hard and the visor’s inability to tip up out of the way will prove a dealbreaker for some riders.


Colours:Black, grey, flash yellow
Sizes:S, M, L