One of the coolest looking helmets out there.

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Alpina Rootage Helmet


  • Good looks, great coverage, and space to park your goggles


  • Only two sizes, runs warmer than most, pricey given there's no Mips liner


Alpina Rootage helmet review


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Alpina isn’t a brand we see a lot at mbr, but the company has a range of mountain bike helmets including the oddly named Rootage.

Apparently, rootage is defined as a system of roots, which I supposed is thematic since the helmet has a three-piece in-mould construction and it is designed to offer protection if you decide to go soil sampling.

Some of the terminology Alpina uses in its literature is also different, but the features are pretty standard. Edge Protect is basically bottom wrapping, where the edge of the microshell folds underneath the softer EPS core to reduce abrasion and dings. On top of the helmet there are two large carbon fibre sections, which are in-moulded with the foam core.

According to Alpina this keeps the overall weight low but adds extra impact resistance. This bumps up the price, but the helmet does have some nice details – like the anti-bacterial Coolmax sweat pads, Fly Net mesh in the front vent to stop insects buzzing in, three-position visor and a padded chinstrap.

alpina rootage

The previous incarnation of the Alpina Rootage

Like the best designs, the Run System Ergo Flex fit system has indexed height adjustment, so you can get it securely below your occipital prominence (that’s the bit that sticks out at the back of your skull) and it also has a full 360º fit, which I find reduces hot spots over temples and also keeps the helmet better centred. The adjustment dial is also indexed with quite small gradients, so you can really fine tune the amount of pressure and back it right off, for example when wearing a skull cap underneath in the winter.

Normally with some Euro helmets, the styling can have a bit of an acquired taste, but Alpina has totally nailed the aesthetic. I think the Rootage looks sleek, and also offers a ton of coverage. It’s also on trend when it comes to goggle parking, having plenty of space under the visor to stash a set of lenses.

I have a couple of criticisms. There are only two sizes, and the venting isn’t that extensive, so it runs slightly warmer than some. It also seems a little pricey considering there’s no MIPs liner, but then this is offset by the fancy carbon construction.


With so many good helmets out there the Rootage is somewhat lost in the crowd, but it’s a solid design with an alternative construction, good looks and a comfortable fit.


Colours:grey, blue, black/neon
Sizes:52-57, 57-62cm