Feels rock solid and reassuring when you’re riding, and it has enough airflow to remain cool for extended periods

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100% Trajecta Helmet


100% Trajecta Helmet review


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100% Trajecta is a full-face lid designed for enduro/aggressive trail riding by being lighter, airier and more comfortable to pedal in all day.

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Using a 24-vent polycarbonate outer shell and a mostly expanded polystyrene layer underneath, the Trajecta has similar construction methods to many rivals, but 100% also adds proprietary technology for extra protection and impact absorption. This outer shell is fully wrapped too, which significantly helps prevent helmet damage from knocks and little stones firing up while riding. The EPS layer packs multi-density zones to calm different impact velocities and the brand’s in-house ‘Smartshock’ system minimises rotational impacts (like the more common MIPS technology). It works by way of a series of shock-absorbing buttons that suspend the liner from the shell so the scalp floats independently. The liner is anchored to 13 squidgy, concertina-shaped, rubbery points, which can both compress and/or twist to help absorb energy in a crash.

100%’s sizing comes up smaller, and it only uses two shell sizes (with two pad thicknesses) to differentiate between S/M and L/XL. This might explain why the Trajecta felt a bit tight on the first couple of rides compared to many other medium lids I’ve tested. The pads soon bedded in though, and became comfier, and, even without an adjustable skull cradle or internal tensioning system (something that sounded initial alarm bells) it stayed totally rock solid, no matter how much I got bounced around. In this regard, the secure and stable fit feels protective and more like a regular DH lid than more flyweight enduro helmets or convertible models.

Even with this reassuring feel, the Trajecta’s ventilation is excellent when moving and comparable to category leaders, with only the iXS Trigger, that I tested recently, feeling significantly breezier (especially when climbing with less air pumping through). The cheaper Trigger does lack some sophistication compared to the protection offered here though.

100%’s angular shape looks really stylish to me, although overall volume is slightly bigger due to the internal protection technology causing it to stick out further from the skull. In terms of vision, the dual-position visor sits up well out of view, doesn’t waggle and plays nicely with goggles, both worn or stashed. The top of the chinbar sits higher and more in your line of vision than some lids though.

The Trajecta isn’t the lightest in this new category of enduro lids (some other brands weigh over 200g less), but the price is definitely in the ballpark for the high quality finish and, crucially, the helmet feels rock solid and reassuring when you’re riding, and it has enough airflow to remain cool enough to wear for extended periods.


Weight:860g (medium)
Sizes:S, M, L, XL