Solid, comfortable, responsive, competitively light and backed up by a lifetime warranty

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Nukeproof Horizon V2 Carbon Riser Bar


Nukeproof Horizon V2 Carbon Riser Bar review


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Positively reviewed here a couple of years back, Nukeproof Horizon V2 Carbon riser bar has recently been updated to this model.

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Three height options and two widths (780 and 800mm) are offered, all sharing 5° up and 9° back geometry. Made from uni-directional carbon layers (like most bike frames), the bar has a denser/finer 3K carbon weave on the tips for extra strength and resistance to damage from grips, brake levers and shifters. The clamping interface zones also use a dimpled particle paint to give extra friction and stop components slipping.

The latest design is lighter and comes in a 35mm clamp size too, while retaining the sorted ride quality and stiff-yet-dull feel of its predecessor.  
It’s not quite as flexible or ‘soft’ as some carbon bars, but isn’t overly tiring and doesn’t exhibit excessive twang or vibration either.

The brand wanted more backsweep for enhanced comfort, and has done something unique with the handlebar shape to counteract how this places hands closer to the rider and effectively reduces the reach of your frame.

The bar is ‘clocked’ slightly forwards so wrists sit at the same angle, but the bar lies further forward than most rivals with the same 9° backsweep. Offsetting the bar slightly like this gives more options to tune hand and riding position because rolling the bars in the stem makes more difference to grip position.

Even though I’m usually a fan of straighter 8° bars, it was really easy to get a comfortable, totally dialled position with the Horizons. On the trails, it’s actually hard to tell much difference in hand position or steering feel from Nukeproof’s geometry, so I’d say this is more of a tweak than a transformation – going from a 35mm to 50mm reach stem will be much more significant.

This bar is solid, comfortable, responsive, competitively light and backed up by a lifetime warranty against breaking. I’d be hard pushed to notice much difference in compliance or control against other top-tier carbon bars, but the Nukeproof Horizon V2 Carbon riser bar’s finish is as good as any and the ride quality and price are competitive.


Clamp:31.8 or 35mm (tested)
Rise:12, 25 (tested) or 38mm