Less tiring than other oversized, super-strong alloy bars

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Chromag Fubar OSX 35 handlebar


Chromag Fubar OSX 35 handlebar review


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With this Chromag Fubar OSX 35 handlebar Chromag now offers a full 800mm wide alloy bar using the oversized 35mm bar bore.

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Bigger diameter handlebars are still thought of as a newer ‘standard’, but they’ve been doing the rounds now since 2012. Originally, some fatter bars received criticism for being overly stiff and harsh, but latest models have a more refined ride quality and prove pure strength doesn’t have to mean brutal feedback through hands and arms from the terrain.

The hip Canadian brand uses 7000-series alloy with it’s own custom drawing process to control the way the aluminium is stretched or formed into it’s final profile. It means Chromag can specify exactly which areas of the bar it wants the most and least material for ride feel, strength and weight saving. In terms of this kind of material zoning, Carbon 35mm bars arguably afford even more leeway to fine-tune the flex characteristics, and both Chromag and Truvativ here offer carbon options, but the penalty is a price often double a decent alloy bar.

The Fubar feels calm and dull enough anyway, with minimal twang or harsh vibrations, whilst also feeling really muscular and direct changing direction. This bar therefore offers everything you need for a smooth precise ride for a decent price. The only downside for some might be, even in the most subdued Black/Grey colourway, the graphics are a bit loud and the weight is a fraction higher than some alternatives.


Geometry:5° up, 8° back