Skinny, ribbed grips with enough float to cushion trail buzz without compromising on feel.

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Sensus Lite Grips


Sensus Lite grips review


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With a dense, ribbed profile, these Sensus Lite grips came on a test bike and I’ve seriously fallen for them. They’re pretty skinny at 29mm diameter, but feel way more comfortable than any other grip I’ve tried with a similar thickness.

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The rubber is super grippy, even gloveless, and durability has been superb too, with little sign of wear after a ton of riding. The tightly packed ridge pattern feels perfect, keeps working well even in the wet and has a tiny amount of float in the palm that damps more vibrations and chatter versus fully locked-down grips.

Sensus Lite grips

They also tick all my key boxes; being long enough, packing a single 3mm inner clamp so there’s no metal to dig into my palm, and an integrated end clamp that can’t get knocked out in an impact.

What’s more, these are some of the lightest grips on the market at under 100g a pair, and who doesn’t want to dump weight with zero effect on performance? The only flies in the ointment are being too thin for some, plus a £30 asking price that’s pretty steep.