Worth a look if you really suffer from arm pump, cramps or numbness but the price is just too high

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Rev Pro Series Grips


Rev Pro Series Grips review


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Two versions offered – Race and these Rev Pro Series grips and also several diameters and patterns, including a half waffle and this chunky ridge design.

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I’ve been a mountain bike journalist for 30 years and I’ve seen all sorts of suspension components – flexy stems, bendy bars, hubs that move, rims that deform. The Rev grip falls into this category of passive suspension. The idea is it just reduces some of the high-frequency chatter than your regular suspension isn’t sensitive enough to remove.

The design of the Rev grip is pretty similar to a normal lock-on. There is a cartridge (the grip part) and two alloy collars. The difference is the grip floats on what I can only describe as plastic springs or bumpers. These are available in different rates and you can also pre-load them to vary the amount of suspension on offer. Initially this feels odd because the grip actually rotates and can also move perpendicular to the handlebar.

At 34mm this is a bit thicker than I normally like but the rubber is really soft and, on my e-bike, the size didn’t feel out of place.

So does this grip work? A couple of MBR testers who tried the Rev grip didn’t like the fact that it rotates but I’ve got used to it and you can also tune it out. The grip feels plush and there’s definitely less harshness, although it hasn’t eliminated it entirely because my hands still get a numb from time to time. Has the movement affected the way I ride the bike? Not as far as I can tell.

The Rev grip is definitely comfortable but then you could say the same about a big spongy grip. It’s not a like-for-like comparison but it is a cheaper option if you just want more padding. Over the last few months I‘ve got used to the Rev grip and don’t notice the movement, it just feels normal. I have a nagging doubt and I see it every time I look down – these grips cost a £100; that’s more than the bar, more than the stem. If you really suffer from arm pump, cramps or numbness when riding the Rev grip is worth a look but for me the price is just too high.