Superglue-like hold from Renthal's stickiest lock-on.

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Score 9

Renthal UltraTacky Lock-On handlebar grip


  • Superlative grip with or without gloves.
  • Reduces fatigue.


  • Rapid wear.
  • Non-replaceable design.


Renthal Ultra Tacky grip review


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The Renthal UltraTacky lock-on grip, as its name implies, features the grippiest rubber compound of Renthal’s five-compound range.

Renthal might be one of the go-to names for mountain bike handlebars but it also produces a range of grips to hang onto the end of your chosen bar.

The UltraTacky uses a uniform ODI Ruffian-esque file pattern across the whole of the central grip section with just the hint of flange at both ends to let you know when you’re hitting the limit. Compared to a standard Lock-on style grip that uses removable collars (making it cheaper to buy replacement parts when bits wear out), Renthal’s approach bonds the whole lot together to eliminate any movement that might happen over time.

The 130mm length (110mm central section) grip fits securely with double 2.5mm stainless steel bolts and uses a pop-on bar end, again similar to ODI grips.

renthal ultra tacky

The UltraTacky shares a grip pattern with ODI’s Ruffian

As you would expect with a grip labelled as Ultra Tacky, riding the Renthals gives a level of security as expected. No matter the weather conditions your hands remain stuck, limpet-like, to the bars, even without having to adopt the familiar white-knuckled, death-grip.

A benefit is it allows you to relax your hold on the handlebar, reducing arm pump and fatigue on longer descents.

If you wear gloves you might find your hands moving about a little more inside the glove, so they can be a good way of finding out how well your gloves fit!

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Surprisingly, for a narrower, 31mm diameter grip they also offer a good level of shock absorption and cushioning.

renthal ultra tacky

The Ultra Tacky is already showing signs of wear

Just like the tackiest of tyres, this grip comes at a price. The Ultra Tacky wear quite fast.

Over a short, two-month period, both grips show obvious wear. Whilst this isn’t enough to reduce overall grip I can see most regular riders having to replace after a season.

Renthal’s reasoning for bonding the whole grip together might be sound, but with the Ultra Tacky, the grip section will arguably wear out way before any play in the design would become apparent.