The suitably named Intense Super Downhill in Chile.

At 14.5km in length the Intense Super Downhill raced near to Santiago in Chile lays claim to being the longest downhill race in the world.

We certainly can’t think of any other event with stats that come close to this lofty event.

  • 14.5km (9 miles) long
  • Course record: 20min 48sec
  • Top speed: 81 km/h (50.3 mph)
  • Summit: 3,663 metres
  • Descent: 2,336 metres

Admittedly certain ‘Mega’ events in Europe – such as the iconic Megavalanche – are longer in length (approx 3okm) and in duration (40+ minutes) but those events typically have extended sections of contouring and ascending sections. The Intense Super Downhill appears from the video to be entirely descending (or flat).

There’s only really one capital-D downhill events we can think of that compare: the Crankworx Garbanzo DH. And even though the stats for the Garbanzo sound impressively gruelling, they’re still some way short of this Chilean monster.

For the 2017 running of the Intense Super Downhill the race descended the well known “Parvazo” track that was apparently originally made by cowboys and rediscovered in the 90’s by some old skool MTBers.

This year’s winner was GT Racing Team’s Felipe Vial with a time of 21:09.626 and a top speed of 77.837 km/h.