The Traction sports the stickiest rubber on the market

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Renthal Traction


  • As grippy as it's possible to be
  • Vibration damping properties


  • Short


Renthal Traction grip review


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Renthal Traction grips bring the stickiest rubber to keep your hands locked to the bars.

When I used to work in a bike shop I used to hate it when someone brought in a bike with old grips. They always used to leave a nasty, sticky residue on your hands that made you feel a little funny. These Ultra Tacky compound grips from Renthal reminds me of those times. They are so soft they exude a sticky coating that makes them cling to your hands like limpets. If you are after the grippiest grip then look no futher. As the name suggests, the Traction features some stylings to ensure maximum hold. Directional ribs run along the length to maintain hold whilst either pulling back or sliding forward when climbing or descending.

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Despite the Traction ‘only’ being 30mm in diameter it’s well damped for such a thin grip, bar buzz being muted nicely. The excellent grip also helps reduce hand and arm fatigue, since you don’t need to hold on so tightly. The only downside is at only 109mm in length, the grip area might be a little narrow for riders with large hands.


Renthal’s super sticky Traction should be high on the list of grips thanks to its super-glue like grip and vibration absorbing ride, but its double collar and shorter grip section design just stop it from getting a perfect 10.


Compound options:Ultra Tacky, Kevlar, Soft, Medium
Colours:Black, Yellow, Dark grey, Light grey
Length:132mm total, 109mm grip