Available in two thicknesses and LOADS of colours, the Race Face Getta Grip handlebar grips are a great value choice

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Race Face Getta Grip


  • Reinforced end, durable and stable, good value, plenty of colour choice


  • Open end can flex when wrenching hard


Race Face Getta Grip lock-on handlebar grips review


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Like cricket bats, tennis rackets and even darts, some of the best mountain bike grips are available in different diameters, and one of the companies offering alternative sizes across its models is Race Face. Its relatively new Getta Grip grip lock-on is available in both a slimline 30mm as well as a much chubbier 33mm option.

Like all the best lock-ons it has a left and right-specific collar, which means you can mount the grips with the fixing bolts both facing back, so they’re easier to access. The grip has a slight ergonomic shape reminiscent of the Ergon GE1, but I’ve fitted it both ways and not noticed any difference. Unlike the company’s Half Nelson and Love Handle grips, the Getta Grip also has a closed end, so you’re not going to plug bar with dirt in a crash, and it also conforms to most race rules. The end is also reinforced, so it’s a bit more durable and stable – the open end can flex a bit when you’re wrenching hard on the bar.

For this test I was sent the 30mm grip; 10 years ago I would have bitten your hand off to test a grip this thin, but I’m older now and I like comfortable shoes, trousers and also grips. The 30mm version just doesn’t have that much rubber covering the plastic core.

It is a proprietary compound, but since Race Face wasn’t forthcoming on detail, I know nothing about the composition of the rubber. However, I did measure it at about 40a on the shore hardness scale, so it is soft but there’s not a lot of depth to it. There’s very little cushioning and I’ve noticed a lot more harshness on rough trails compared to the Burgtec Bartender grip that was on my bike previously.

Like other sports equipment that you hold, size, shape and ultimately feel is personal preference. That sounds like a cop out on my part, but it’s a fact some riders like fat grips, some like thin grips. I have a preference too, and while this was once for the smallest diameter possible, now my hands ache if I use a thin grip for too long.


The good news is the Getta Grip lets you have it both ways – the 30mm feels precise, but if you ride gloveless or want a bit more cushioning, I’d recommend the 33mm. Either way you’re getting a well-made lock-on grip that’s good value and also available in a ton of colours.


Diameter:30 or 33mm