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NS Holdfast


  • Long length makes them an excellent choice for riders with big hands


NS Holdfast grip review


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I’m a sucker for a good name and bad tattoos so the NS Holdfast grip had to be included in this test. Name aside, the Holdfast is marketed as the longest grip out. And at 146mm we can’t really argue. NS argue that with handlebars getting wider so too should your grips. With that extra length you can run your brake levers butted against the grip to keep your cockpit looking clean. In principle it’s a great idea but during testing I managed to find the downside. If like me you like using the inner flange/collar as a cue for hand placement then the end of the Holdfast sticks out a good 15mm further than a normal grip. When you ride in tight, wooded singletrack, it’s amazing how many trees you ‘find’.

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A single 3mm clamp holds things really tight and at the other end a hard end cap protects your bars. It offers ample all-weather grip but the lighter cushioning from its hexagonal pattern makes it more suitable on longer travel bikes.


The NS Holdfast needs special mention for its different approach. It is way longer than any other grip so provides an ideal environment for riders with exceptionally big hands or those that like to adopt different hand positions.


Colours:Black, Green, Blue, Orange, Oil slick
Length:146mm total, 132mm grip