Klassik Kirt

The one and only Kirt Voreis has a new edit out. ‘Mining For Skills’ sees Mr Voreis help out a fellow rider before boosting off anything and everything in sight.

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Kirt Voreis is very much enjoying the post-racing autumn years of his riding career. In fact, his profile has arguably never been higher. Why? He knows what folk want to see.

There’s no po-faced pro-faced slomo in Kirt’s world. There’s just having fun and blasting bikes around. Appreciating that it sure beat s having a proper job.

Warning: features a heart-rending version of The Doors’ LA Woman in the end credits.

Oh, while you’re here you should check out Kirt Voreis’ account on Instagram and give him a follow. You should also set aside a good few minutes of your day to trawl back through his postings. You won’t regret it.

Maximum stoke combined with high levels of hilarity…

Video description

Niner Bikes: “Kirt Voreis might know a thing or two about riding bikes. His lost buddy Doug Jambor, doesn’t. Join them in the desert where they encounter a dark cave, a near drowning and the skills Doug needs to find his way. Thanks to D and Cass for the great hospitality and looking after us while we were out there!”